How to own the best jewelry

how to own jewelry

The choice is quite difficult because owning a good jewelry still requires a good budget but aside a budget, getting it in the right jewelry store is the main criteria to own the best of jewelry. Zainy luxury jewel is chosen in keeping with its overall style. If you like to wear rings rather than earrings, it’s better to buy a luxury ring from Zainy store. We deal in genuinely luxurious metals crafted in modern designs. We must understand that jewelry is usually worn in a permanent way, so it is important to be attentive to the colors and especially the choice of the gemstone. Diamond, ruby, emerald, jade all have a sparkle when mounted on gold or silver. The important thing is to know the brightness that will please you for a long time.

We often tend to wear it alone and daily. So it is best to get a luxury jewelry from Zainy Jewelry store. You can wear a silver-mounted necklace with diamond shards and wear painted wooden bracelets. It is only necessary to respect the colors and the style of the jewels. It is fashionable to best give a classical style as an ethnic style. The mixture of materials gives an original and a typical effect but the mixture of styles refers to a lack of aesthetics that will not work in your favor.

Fashion trends in luxury jewelry

The mixture of materials gave birth to a design style very popular with Zainy Jewelry store. They can indeed, create a collection of jewels staying in the field of luxury but putting it within the reach of all. A good way to spread their brand to as many people. It is true that the designers were able to highlight materials such as metal that allows a lot of tricks to mount a gemstone for example. They make the jewel precious thanks to a minimum use of the precious stone, the pearl or the precious feather. You will discover personal and creative collections. We dare more than in the luxury artisan jewelry that requires a balance to the nearest gram for an evaluation of luxury jewelry in creation. Zain Jewelry store has been able to add to the beauty of people by making available different sets of luxury jewelry accessories that match your style and personality. Here are our trending products:

  • 14K Gold Bands
  • 925 Silver Bands
  • Damascus Steel Rings
  • Men Bands
  • Mokume Rings
  • Rose Gold Bands
  • Stainless Steel Rings
  • Tungsten Wedding Bands
  • Women Bands
  • Wood Bands

It is important to understand what personality is and the type of jewelry that match your style to get the right jewelry from Zain Jewelry.

Jewels, precious or fantasy, speak about us, as visible signs of our belonging to a religious, ethnic, professional, political or sexual group. Messengers of love, symbols of seduction or submission, objects of superstition. They say in their own way our social identity. If we are married, if we have inherited, if we have a child. But, beyond the conscious messages that they deliver, the jewels are part of our history and can reveal our unconscious personality. Discreet or ostentatious, they express our tastes and our relationship to femininity, testify to our family history or love. Decrypting a complex relationship, rich in meaning.

The jewel does not lie,” says Catherine Tisseuil, a passionate of always, now creative, brandishing a bracelet of strength that she design from a silver timbale received in childhood. Since women have gone from the status of “those who receive” to the more complex one of “those who offer and buy a jewel”, the latter symbolizes what one chooses to show of oneself, its degree of emancipation or, simply, the mood of the moment.

The liberation of social codes has liberated the jewel as much as the one that carries them. The alliance is no longer reserved for married people, the pearl necklace is no longer the prerogative of the bourgeoisie, and the baptismal medal does not necessarily mean baptism.

A few years ago, an American advertising campaign – “Right-hand ring” – even encouraged women to wear “a diamond in the right hand” as a sign of emotional and financial independence. To break a look that she finds too classic and agreed, Laurence chose to wear her gems with jeans and sneakers: “It’s more rock, closer to my personality.”

“We are no longer dependent, but in the confident affirmation of who we are” insists psychoanalyst Virginie Megglé. Our personality is multiple, and the jewel expresses its different facets when one is in agreement with oneself. Isabelle, who hates everything ostentatious, never wears gold: “It symbolizes a wealth that I do not want to display.” She prefers the clatter of money from a Berber jumper, which better reflects what it is and allows him to find every day a breath of freedom from elsewhere. The Zainy Jewelry has taken an important place in the women’s jewelry and men too. Indeed, this period of economic crisis allows everyone to acquire branded jewelry made in series and by major brands. The latter can also distribute their products at economical prices for the field of luxury. Now it is obvious that the choice of materials is different in terms of quality for the assembly of such a jewel. In addition, the design of this type of jewel is planned for a serial edition and not exclusive.

Jewelry Erotizes the Body

Jewelry is not the only identity. Earrings will illuminate a face, a brooch or a necklace will enhance a neckline, a bracelet or a shiny ring will induce a sensual gesture. “These adornments are designed to highlight femininity, they emphasize the body, sublimate the skin,” says Catherine Tisseuil.

In some families, giving a girl a row of pearls for her 18 years is a passing ritual that means she is a woman. “Like it or not, when a woman receives a jewel, it is always her femininity that is, implicitly, valued,” says psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Vannina Micheli-Rechtman.

It is an attribute whose vision is authorized, echoing those we must hide breasts, pubis or any other intimate part considered a jewel. In a word, he eroticizes the body. It is also a way for the one who offers  the father, the lover, and the husband to show his wealth and his power, as the old warlords covered with gold and jewels. Is it because he considered living with the most beautiful woman in the world that Richard Burton offered Elizabeth Taylor the most precious stones, the largest, the most expensive?

The jewel, a sign of femininity?

But if the jewel emphasizes femininity, it does not decree it. The habit of having never made the monk, the jewel does not make the woman. And, even if the magazine’s fashion pages are abusing it like so many reassuring external signs of regendering (or “gender identification”: girls are girls, boys are boys), the accumulation is not for as convincing. A woman covered with jewels is no more feminine than the others, the men who wear them are no less virile. On the other hand, not wearing it can be a way of refusing an expression of femininity deemed futile or caricatural.

The jewel and our personal history

It is also when we lose it that we often become aware of the importance of a jewel in our personal history. “When I was robbed of my baptismal medal, a gold gusset watch offered by my grandmother for my first communion and a ring with a beautiful topaz, a gift from my godmother as a teenager, I had the feeling of being cut off from my past, “says Sonia.

For Virginie Megglé, recovering from the loss of her family jewels requires a mourning and conversion of her own values. This is an opportunity to look at its history, to separate from it to stand out, then to “grow” to invest other jewelry, a renewed identity.

The jewel, a therapeutic object

A legend tells that men discovering rubies in the ground thought that these red stones had the power to stop the bleeding. Whatever the times and cultures, we have always lent to the stones the power to heal us and us protect. Brazilian ribbon, the eye of St. Lucia, onyx stone, charms and other gray-gray keep us healthy, bring us happiness, soothe or revive our energy. Their carnal contact protects us and secures us. As talismans and therapeutic objects, their market value does not matter because only the particular value we attribute to them counts.

Understanding all this about jewelry is very important, but placing your order with Zainy jewelry store is the most important, go for the best, place your order now!

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