Mokume Rings

We know the difficulty that comes with picking the ring that is perfect for you and the special occasion of your engagement or wedding, but we know of a ring that it’s glance alone is enough to make you happy, The Mokume Ring. The ring got its name from a Japanese technique called Mokume Gane. The technique produces a wood grain metal through the process of layering, twisting, carving, and flattening of the metal.
The Mokume Rings is a great choice of wedding ring amongst several other choices. Mokume Rings are hand crafted of precious metals by the workmanship experts. The ring is made through the forging of several metal layers into exceptional and awesome patterns. The uniqueness of every Mokume ring is clearly visible, it is appreciated at the first glance.
You will do yourself some good by taking your time to explore our galleries to find that delightful ring for you and your love.

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